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Our Story

Paul's Father, William, started the business 1975 & On leaving school Paul went on to the North British Hotel in Edinburgh and completed a four year apprenticeship to become a a chef. With that to fall back on, Paul Joined his father in his new Business. Paul went on to take over the shop when his father retired with his father becoming the the shops 'Quality controller' visiting three or four times a week to run his critical eye and taste buds over the goods.

Paul's Daughter, Mariesha worked in the shop part time and studied Hospitality Management at college before joining Paul full time in the shop. Paul insisted that Mariesha have something to fall back on and a Business qualification would help the Business as well.

World champion

The Boghall shop went on to win the coveted Worlds Scotch Pie Championship in 2005. After lifting the title St Andrews,  back at the shop the next day, demand for the newly crowned pies was astronomical! Thereafter it was like a never ending conveyor belt with pies being cooked throughout the day. Luxury Chicken & Mushroom, Chicken Curry Pie, Macaroni Pie, Steak and gravy, Haggis & Gravy just to name a few of the many pies availiable.

The Scotch Pie success ensured that Boghall Butchers would never ever be "ordinary" ever again. Customers came from far and wide to sample the taste that was declared the best and while they were in they tried other things. According to Paul the award had a major impact on the business, we were always determined to resist suggestions to move to a high street postion:-

These are the people who have been our customers for years, they have been loyal to us and more people have come from outside the area to use us aswell.


All resources generated from the hard work since winning the 2005 title was re-invested in those customers. With the security of a 30 year lease on the council owned premises allowed Paul to transform his Boghall shop virtually doubling in size his front shop, his all important bakery was relocated within the unit and his fresh meat chill ended up where his bakery used to be. The new bakery is air condtioned and every square inch of space has been utilised.