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World scotch Pie champion 2009

After the win, in 2005, Paul did re-invest within the shop. Business had incresed by a 3rd and therefore the increase in business enabled him to use more staff. They went from a staff of three up to 6 . This re-investment paid of when he became the first double winner of the World Scotch pie championship again in 2009.

This is the kind of thing that every small butcher and baker shop strives for and to win it twice is brilliant...

After the win, Boghall Butchers was mentioned in the Scottish parliment business bulletin by Mary Mulligan with the entry:-

S3M-3002 Mary Mulligan: 
Congratulations to Boghall Butchers - World Scotch Pie Champions 2009—That the Parliament congratulates Paul Boyle of Boghall Butchers on coming first out of 79 entrants to be named World Scotch Pie Champion for 2009, in this the 10th anniversary year of the competition; further notes that this is the second time that Mr Boyle has been World Scotch Pie Champion; congratulates his family and staff at Boghall Butchers for their contribution to this success and for growing the family business over the last few years; notes that Boghall Butchers also received a gold medal in the bridie product category, and welcomes this success as further confirmation of West Lothian’s growing reputation for fine cuisine and as a source of some of the best food in the world.


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