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It was early January 2012 when Paul got the call , no Self employed shop owner ever welcomes, a call at 4am sunday morning from the fire brigade saying that his shop was ablaze , which the fire brigde were attending . A Rubbish bin was put up beside the wall and set alight. the fire had spread rapidly after moving into the cavity causing major damage to the bakery section of the shop.

Most of the damage was to the bakery part of the shop, which had only just undergone a major refit within the last year! The estimated damage of around £65,000 to £75,000 which also meant the shop was going to be closed for the best part of the month.

I'm just so pleased that the family who live above the shop managed to get out...

Paul was determined to get the shop re-opened as soon as possible and was straight on the phone to the same shop fitters who had done the previous years re-model. They started immediately and paul was ready to re-open three weeks later.

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