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A range of award winning pies and pastries.  Scotch pies to Mince Bridies, were sure to have something for every palate! Our full list can be seen on our product list

Award winning scotch pie

A customer favorite over the years and still loved today. Poem worthy pies made to a family recipe.


A hearty sausage filling wrapped in flakey Puff pastry baked to light golden brown.

Steak pies

A customer favourite. Tender scotch beef cooked in lots of rich meaty gravy. Topped with flakey puff pastry. Availiable in sizes from two to six servings

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Chicken Balmoral

Diced chicken in a creamy onion & mushroom sauce with our award winning haggis.

award winning mince pie

Our award winning mince round - filled to the brim with meat and plenty gravy, Sure to please!

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Chicken round

Diced chicken in a creamy white sauce in light puff pastry.


Steak mince beef topped with creamy mashed potato

Haggis pie

made with our our own award winning haggis

Macaroni pie

Creamy and delicious macaroni  topped with melted chedder.